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funny pictures

See the article here: Wow, they are only 31 and 23 months old? They grow up so fast

funny pictures

See the original post here: A little boy’s letter to his best friend Jack who was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting

Got a Degree in tactical debating

funny pictures

Continued here: Got a Degree in tactical debating

Absolutely Slaughtered.

funny pictures

Read more: Absolutely Slaughtered.


Read more: True suffering: PUBG on the original Xbox One

Trashy but kinda impressive

funny pictures

Read more from the original source: Trashy but kinda impressive


More here: My mom is a dog groomer. I flew home from CA and dressed up in a dog costume for my mom’s surprise 50th. She didn’t know I was inside the costume until I took my head off during a picture.

funny pictures

View original post here: An image taken during the Fox-Disney negotiations


Read this article: The Band of Brothers concentration camp scene is still one of the most surreal things I’ve seen on television…

funny pictures

More: Ryan Reynolds‏ tweets about the Fox purchase

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